Academic Teams

Teachers with various sports equipmentChickahominy Middle School employs the philosophy of academic teams to establish a sense of community within the larger school setting and provide the best possible middle school experience for all our students. Teams are comprised of four academic core teachers and approximately 110 students per grade level. Teams help with building character and meeting each student’s academic needs. The community feel each team allows students to develop a sense of belonging and helps them make a smooth transition into CMS. Teachers within each team meet together every other day to discuss student progress, plan collaboratively, and celebrate student successes. They meet weekly with grade-level counselors and their respective senior teacher.

6th Grade Teams

  • Sequoia National Park: Jennifer Post, Tracey Call, Lara Gohrband, Ric Hertless
  • Shenandoah National Park: Glen Klesat, Sandy Johnson, Cheryl Clarke, Jan Foltz, Heather Martin, Kim Harrell
  • Yellowstone National Park: Jenny Wheeler, Shannon Floyd, Ashley Reynolds, Kim Hinebaugh
  • Yosemite National Park: Karen Krevonick, Catherine Ciucci, Zac Wilson, Angela Smith

7th Grade Teams

  • Olympic National Park: Melissa Cosgrove, Katelyn Hazel, Rose Payne, Brian Hall
  • Acadia National Park: Melanie Savage, Renee Sandridge, Ashley Kelly, James Edwards
  • Arches National Park: Tina Kain, Beth Steele, Abigail Kane, Teresa Dalton
  • Zion National Park: Laura Trice, Benjamin Goode, Ashley Kelly, Rose Payne, James Edwards, Teresa Dalton, Brian Hall

8th Grade Teams  

  • Denali National Park: Jeanette Edwards, Catherine Gibson, David Weaver, Tricia Hertless
  • Glacier Bay National Park: Kate Poprik, Jo Hoffmann, Lisa Austin, Dale Witt
  • Grand Canyon National Park: Kristina Allen, Angela Woods, Crystal Hamlin, Tracy Barney
  • Isle Royale National Park: Melissa Ingram, Alison White, David Weaver, Crystal Hamlin, Tricia Hertless, Tracy Barney 


  • Brandon Brakstad, Scott Gray, Laurie Hall, Ric Hertless, Cindy Keener, Adam Pence, Christy Presseau


  • Kathleen Cooper, Lisa Harper, Erika Holson, Laura Shy, Dawn Stegall

Ag. Tech/ FACS

  • Ron Balderson, Amanda Lauritzen, Phil D’Adamo-Damery, Tamra Faas, Nick Robinson

Computers and Science

  • Tamra Faas, Stacy Stanford, Kim Hinebaugh, Ashley Reynolds, Angela Smith, Zac Wilson, Phil D’Adamo-Damery

World Languages

  • Gail Clingenpeel, Amy Wiersma, Rachel Doolen, Laurent Body, Lauren Adams, Tobin Foster

Workshop, GT, ESL, Coaches, ITRT

  • ESL: Nicole Shelton
  • GT: Susan Mudd
  • ITRT: Amelia Buchanan
  • Literacy Coach: Holly Barr
  • Math Coach: Jenny Jones
  • Math Workshop: Heather Martin, Julie Martin
  • Reading Workshop: Kim Harrell
  • SWS: Julie Sions
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