Band students playing the clarinetCharger bands consist of three groups based on experience: Beginning Band, Band 2, and Band 3 but may combine as needed to meet the requirements of various performances. The Chickahominy bands perform throughout the year at events that include concerts, competitions, and all-county and all-district band events.

Beginning Band: No experience is necessary! Mr. Patterson will have you try out several different instruments to choose the one that you can be the most successful at. Students in Beginning Band learn to read music and become familiar with their instrument and performance.

Band 2: Students in Band 2 have successfully completed their first year of band. This band continues to refine individual skills as well as learning ensemble skills.

Band 3: Band 3 is for advanced students who have completed at least two years of band. This band focuses on advanced technical skills as well as ensemble skills.

Jazz Band: Jazz Band is a club that meets every day during FLEX/homebase. All 7th and 8th grade students who are enrolled in a band class are eligible to audition. They perform at our concerts as well as various other outside performances. Auditions are required and take place at the end of the prior school year.

Contact Information
Jordan Patterson
Director of Bands

Band FAQ

Student playing a drum setHow do I know what instrument to play?
You will have a chance to try out different instruments in class during the first week of school. We want all students to be successful, so it is important to select the instrument that suits you best. It is also important that you have a second choice in case we cannot select you to play your first choice.

What are my choices of instruments?
Students may choose from flute, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion. Bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, French horn, and baritone sax are possible upon request.

How do I get an instrument?
Students may obtain instruments by renting them through a local music store. They have various rental plans as well as new and used instruments to meet various financial needs.

Will I need a music stand?
Music stands are highly recommended but not required.

What if someone else lets me borrow an older instrument they used to play?
The instrument needs to be inspected by a licensed repairman to make sure it is in good working condition. The local music stores have repair personnel available.

What do I do with my instrument during school?
Students may store their instruments in the instrument storage rooms in the band room. They may drop them off upon arriving at school and pick them up as they leave.

I don’t know anything about music. What will I do?
Don’t worry! You will learn everything you need to know in class.

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