Academic Teams

Teachers smiling in the hallwayChickahominy Middle School employs the philosophy of academic teams to establish a sense of community within the larger school setting and provide the best possible middle school experience for all our students. Teams are comprised of four academic core teachers and approximately 110 students per grade level. Teams help with building character and meeting each student’s academic needs. The community feeling of each team allows students to develop a sense of belonging and helps them make a smooth transition into CMS. Teachers within each team meet together every other day to discuss student progress, plan collaboratively, and celebrate student successes. They meet weekly with grade-level counselors and their respective senior teacher.

2024–2025 Sixth Grade Academic Teams

Amy Harrison - ELA Language Arts
Kim Hinebaugh - Science
Jennifer Post - Math
Zak Wilson* - Social Studies

History Makers
Jennifer Abernethy - Math
Cheryl Clarke - Social Studies
Kim Harrell - ELA
Angela Woods* - Science

Josh Addison
Tracey Call - ELA
Lara Gohrband* - Social Studies
Karen Krevonick - Math
Amanda VanDusen - Science

Shannon Floyd* - ELA
Heather Martin - Math

2024–2025 Seventh Grade Academic Teams

Game Changers
Melissa Cosgrove* - Math
Angie Smith - Science
Erika Stein - ELA
Charles Yonce - Social Studies

Teresa Dalton - Science
Tina Kain* - Math
Beth Steele - Social Studies
Kaitlyn Taylor - ELA

Risk Takers
Ashley Kelly* - Social Studies
Kate Poprik - Math
Carolyne Ryder - Science
Renee Sandridge - ELA

Show Stoppers
Kayla Hummer - ELA
Laura Trice* - Math

2024–2025 Eighth Grade Academic Teams

Jeannette Edwards* - Math
Julia Day - Social Studies
Tricia Hertless - Science
Sharlene Libby - ELA

Electric Learners
Lisa Austin* - Social Studies
Sara Baugh - Math
Katey Loyd - ELA
Dale Witt - Science

Success Stories
Kristina Allen* - Math
Tracy Barney - Science
Shawn Fitzsimonds - Social Studies
Matty Land - ELA

Trail Blazers
Melissa Ingram* - ELA
Alison White - Math

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